Here it is the end of week 1 –

Everything went squirrelly (which I know is not a word, but it is a correctly describes the week). Work went crazy, bike broke and my wife has a business trip.  Even with the distractions,  I am happy to say that I banged off two tri’s this week, plus a recovery run of 5k. I just haven’t had time to write about it.

So I am pretty sure I can do the challenge. I am fatigued, but not sore. Then again I am saying this on day 7, lets see how we are in in 2 weeks.

The caffeine withdrawal, for the most part, has been non violent. The biggest effect being the fatigue. I am used to sleeping 5 hours a night, 6 when I am under heavy exercise stress or unspent work stress. The last couple of nights I have been averaging 8 hours of sleep and I have been yearning a nap in the afternoon (usually right about the time I have to get going to complete a 40k ride or 10k run – making me crave, a medium roast, big surprise )

I blame the most of the fatigue on the withdrawal, however I’m sure there is more to the story. I will need more time to recover, maybe a 10k run is nothing to a lightweight, but it does a little bit of wear and tear to my big ass.  It has also just changed seasons, it is now getting light at 6:30am, which has been actually 5:30 am for the last 5 months. Circadian rhythms are real, and I maybe in the middle of one doozy of a shift given everything else I am doing.

The lost recharger for the camcorder has been found, so I will be continuing on on video in the near future.

The bike has a bent frame, not surprising given the 4-1 gear ration I was riding last year coupled with my riding style. I will be on the hunt for a new frame but hopefully I can complete the challenege with this one.

Lastly, winter wasn’t done. It was all good and dandy when I came up with the challenge last week, when it was 15*C… this morning it was -15* with the wind chill. Bike riding has been a bitch, thankfully the pool is warm and I can run indoors if needed. Until something falls off I guess I will keep going.

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