First full tri and a day ahead of schedule…

After spending close to three hours getting my bike ready, I was able to get out for the 40km and pound one of the tris. My legs feel good but I seem to be fatigued. I am sure this is do to the caffeine withdrawal. I really wanted a nap this afternoon and I haven’t wanted a nap in a while.

I think it is worth it as I don’t have any real pain yet. Well I am fatigued sore, but I don’t have that ‘burning’ (well outside my chota anyways). 40k on the bike was fine, if anything my arms were sorest. It has been a while since I have been in the saddle and it felt good.

Some pain could also come from the fact that it is considerably colder (-2 and -beyond f^%king stupid with the wind chill of a bike added in) then when I thought up this idea. I can do alot of things, but cold isn’t one of them. Thankfully I warmed up on the ride and was able to make it… otherwise this may have been one short challenge ans subsequent fail.

- actually¬† am really excited, the 40k today was on a single speed. Although the route wasn’t really hilly, I was still able to keep peddling through the whole ride. I am riding 32/13 right now – which is exciting as I was in way worse shape last season. After the 30 days, I may even be able to long-ride fixed (like my riding buddy bike guru; Chris -¬† who does amazing 240k return trips to Toronto fixed). Well I cam dare to dream cant I?

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