8 tri’s, 30 days, How the…?

Ok, 8 Olympic length triathlons in 30 days – what the &^%$ am I thinking?

First off, it isn’t going to be as hard as you think! It may sound impossible, but I just broke it down to something I can do each day and in 30 days I will have run 8 Olympic length triathlons (which is a 1.5km swim, 10km run and a 40km bike).

So each day, I am going to do one portion of an Olympic length triathlon.  I will run 10km, swim 1.5km or bike 40km each day, over and over again for thirty days, thus resulting in at least 8 triathlons.

Now this might sound easy for a competitive triathlete in training and discount the whole challenge, however, the average  5′11″ male triathlete weighs  156.2 lbs -

I on the other hand weigh 271.8lbs*

So take little alienthlete and lets add -

225 cans of beans  33 dressed roasting chickens or possibly both of the Olsen twins (after the right weekend photo shoot)

- I wonder how far they make the first leg before drowning. I’m sure biking or running with extra mass would be difficult too, but swimming comes first.

So how am I doing it?

For the last three years, I have been learning everything I could about how to train your body for ultimate energy. Now, after losing almost 100lbs, I consider myself a life ninja. No throwing stars or kick ass black jumpsuits, but I do shit that seems crazy, like running 210k in a month or 8 Olympic Length triathlons in 30 days.

This blog is to share what I have learned,  so you too, can be a life ninja.

*as of tonight March 19th, 2010 – 271.8 lbs – which is not very accurate  – I am slightly hung over and retaining water (oh joy joy) – stuffed full of spicy goey good Indian food and it is late in the day.  I will officially weigh myself in the morning (and record it) but for arguments sake, lets say I have just a little more baggage then the typical bald -for wind lowered resistance, not style – triathlete.